Program Description

A Fun Place to Get Better Where Competitive Edge Meets Fun

Method Hockey is like no other training center in America.  Built by former NHL player Jamie Lundmark, Method Hockey offers cutting edge training equipment, along with specifically designed programs used by elite players.  Method Hockey is not just a “gym” or another hockey center. We are a high intensity training facility built to facilitate the complex training needs of our professional clients.  Plus, we provide the finest overall experience for each player/athlete, regardless of their sport or individual athletic commitment.  We partner with our athletes to help them set and reach individual goals and encourage their excitement for training. We guarantee kids will love to come, train and play. Best of all, they will improve their skills, become better athletes, and receive top of the line coaching each and every day. Our goal at Method Hockey is  to exceed your expectations.

In-Season/Off-Season/Everyday On-Ice Skill Development

Method Hockey will provide up to 15 hours per week of on ice training exclusively for our clients. As a member, players can choose training times that fit their schedule, sign up for our skill clinics and private small group lessons.  Method Hockey will be open 7 days a week with the ability to sign up for open hockey sessions, classes, clinics or private lessons in both on the ice and in our state of the art workout facility and hockey center.

A Hockey Playground Kids Will Love!

During each session, players wear a heart rate monitor on their wrist.  They will receive points for fun exercises that they perform while competing with their friends in the gym.  There is a stick handling station, which is like an interactive video game, that also tracks points for moving the puck with accuracy and speed.  The Rapid Hands machine will have your players competing against each other for the top score. Points can also be earned on the synthetic hockey rink.  The player will participates in games designed to use USA Hockey’s model of working in tighter spaces to become a more efficient player. They will play games, work on skill and play 3 v 3.  Players have access to the Rapid Shot. This is another interactive game that players can score points based upon shot speed, release speed, accuracy and more. If your player likes to play video games at home, he/she will love the feel of our hockey playground. Best of all, they will be receiving experienced and proven coaching, teaching, and training from our entire staff each time they are here!

More Advanced?

Is you player looking for a more advanced track?  Our center will have state of the art gym equipment designed by Max Out to make a player stronger and less likely to be injured. This cutting-edge equipment is being utilized by professional team gyms all over the country.  If your player is looking to become a better hockey player, s/he will love the individual training plans that our professional staff can design to improve strength and conditioning, as well as hockey skill.

Want to Monitor Your Player’s Progression or Get Feedback?

Our app allows you to ask questions, track performance, see progress and receive feedback from our coaches.

My Player Doesn’t Have Time to Add More Hockey

Don’t confuse the act of “traveling” with the time and dedication a player spends getting better at hockey. Travel and sitting in a car does not create better players. Training does. Players improve and develop at different stages.  Development and individual improvement comes with time commitment, effort and a desire to succeed. We have the experience to help each and every player improve. In order to obtain the full benefit of our overall program, we recommend a commitment of 3 times per week as a minimum.  During the season, we will offer each coach 30 minutes before practice to work on individual skills.  The 3rd time per week in season will be an optional practice where the entire team is invited to practice skills with their coach, provided they have a membership. Additionally, your player can always drop into classes, a circuit in the hockey center or gym, sign up for a clinic or private lesson any time during the week.

Are Memberships Expensive?

See our hockey comparison chart for a true comparison of all costs involved with hockey. While we do not offer a per session membership, on average, your player will pay $7-$20 per session, assuming that they make the commitment to using our methods and training programs three times per week.  The memberships are designed at three levels based upon your players interest in the gym, with an all-inclusive membership bringing the best value.

What About Goalies?

Goalies will have their own training programs to go through in our center.  They will have lessons/clinics and goalie classes offered to them every day.